This piece started with the intention to create a font based on military imagery. As it developed it was impacted by my passion for civil rights and became my first infographic. 
The project shines a spotlight on the mistakes the US military made in regard to the treatment and enlistment
of members of the LGBTQ+ community. It blends military imagery and illustration with typography to tell the story
of mistreated humans. 
It does not attack or insult military members instead, it acts as a representation of the historical mistakes we made as
a country. The colors used are CMYK specific to the military logos of each branch and the illustrations are manipulations of emblems indicative of each branch.
I was in the Marine Corps when Don't Ask Don't Tell was repealed and seeing the impact it had on fellow Marines was heartening and disheartening simultaneously.
Written below on the left side is the oath of enlistment all military members take and agree to uphold upon entering the military. On the right side is the letter that accompanies a burial flag delivered to the next of kin after a troop is killed in service to the country. These pieces are at the beginning and end of this infographic when placed into a poster form to show the beginning and end of service. our military is supposed to hold all troops to the same standard and give equal treatment to those troops. Yet historically these ideas have been trampled on habitually and with impunity. 
Oath Of Enlistment
Oath Of Enlistment
Letter Accompanying Burial Flag
Letter Accompanying Burial Flag

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