This is a menu I developed for a local bar/restaurant. The patrons are generally older, and the bar is dimly lit, creating a need for a clear menu that is easy to read in the dark. Through research, I discovered that light text on dark backgrounds could be difficult to read for older adults. 
To avoid this, I chose a complement of the blue to avoid creating a sheen on the menu at most angles. Before finalizing
the colors, I brought a proof in and had a few regulars look it over. Multiple customers have made comments to the
owner about how easy it is to read. 
With inflation causing prices to fluctuate, we decided to leave prices off the menu so they would only need reprinting due to wear. Menus without pricing are becoming more common as everyone is facing this crisis, so the worry about reaction from the customers was small.  Saving costs in the current economic climate is paramount to keeping small businesses running.
Above is a photo of the owner and I with the new menus. 

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