As axe throwing has grown substantially over recent years, a culture has developed around it. 
The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) was established in 2017 to unify and
standardize the sport. In the five years since, WATL has expanded to nineteen
countries, over one hundred and seventy-five affiliate companies, a spot on
ESPN, and a prize pool for the annual championship topping sixty thousand dollars. 
A sixty thousand dollar prize pool that five years ago was thirty-five hundred,
is indicative of growth on its own, but accompanied by the increase in venues,
participation and exposure all point to a growing market with room for innovation. 
In the wake of the success of WATL, they established the World Knife Throwing
League (WKTL). It's only been going for a year and has aired on ESPN multiple times.
One place starving to be filled is that of an app. The barrier to entry for the sport exists not in where to do it but how. If you were to google "how to throw axes" or "how to throw knives" you'd have hundreds of results, most containing good information. The problem stems from the conflicting and overwhelming amount of information. Stickit remedies this by having certified professionals streamline the learning process and getting involved in axe or knife throwing.  
I'm currently developing a nearby page to find places to throw.

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